Life.Work.Care. is an optional and voluntary workplace support service. We exist to ensure no team member ever feels isolated, especially in times of need.


Mission Statement

Our mission is to offer team members a shoulder to lean on and professional resources to turn to in times of need.

What We Do

Through our confidential database, Life.Work.Care. matches team members with a volunteer (non professional) who has experienced similar challenges and is eager to support others along their own journeys. Our team offers support regarding issues related to marriage, grief, anxiety, addiction, debt, identity, faith, and more. Where possible, we also assist in connecting individuals to professional, third-party resources that have been recommended by team members.

What We Believe

We believe it’s only human to encounter tough times, and that in these moments, everyone should have a support system, whether at home or through a work-provided service like Life.Work.Care. We believe everyone is entitled to support regardless of a person’s background, religion, work title, or any other such “label.”